Wine E-commerce based out of Las Vegas ✨

KellySOMM founded by Kelly Ford Lau an alum of UNLV Hotel College and Wine & Spirits Magazine "Best New Sommeliers of 2010" is a digital by design e-commerce wine retail co. based in Las Vegas, NV that is owned & operated by Kelly Ford Lau.

The pandemic-born business is rooted in three passions: beverage, hospitality & tech.  The curated subscription & bottle shop focuses on delivering low-intervention & natural wine directly to your doorstep. Each box is personally curated and hand-packed. The aim is to astound all senses and pique your curiosity about low-intervention & natural wines while simultaneously supporting the Vegas wholesale eco-system.  

How does supporting a Las Vegas-based e-commerce site like KellySOMM support the wine ecosystem of Nevada? It's simple really. Building a thriving, nimble, and diverse retail site that services Nevadans and 6 other states. Nevada restauranteurs & retailer license holders are required to buy from Las Vegas-based wholesalers.  Cultivating a niche selection of wines for us all to enjoy both on the strip and off-strip is why Ford-Lau decided to build a micro-business that could make even the smallest difference in helping keep the NV wine scene as diverse and fun as possible by supporting a selection of unique wines sourced from Vegas-based wine wholesalers. 


Born and raised in Wyoming, Kelly moved to Las Vegas to pursue her educational interest in hospitality & culinary arts. While pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management, at the University of Nevada Las Vegas she met both her mentors who were also wine professors at UNLV, both professors just happened to be Master Sommeliers. To further her quest for knowledge, she applied and was accepted to be a TA for one of her mentors, which lead to an opportunity in 2004 at Bellagio Casino & Resort as their Wine Manager, reporting directly under the property wine director Rob Bigelow, M.S. Upon graduation in 2006, she quickly transitioned into working as a full-time restaurant sommelier to pursue her passion to connect with guests and share her knowledge while working with notable chef-driven venues during her lead sommelier tenures. Fortunate to learn from the best & work for restaurant groups with celebrated chefs: Delmonico by Emeril Lagasse, Postrio by Wolfgang Puck, Otto by Mario Batali, Bardot Brasserie by Michael Mina & é by José Andrés.

In addition to her extensive sommelier experience, Kelly has continued to refine her artistry & knowledge by working in the hospitality industry abroad in Thailand, Spain & China. She is also an experienced wine supplier and worked many years in wine wholesale before starting her own e-commerce company in the fall of 2020, KellySOMM.  

Kelly enjoys spending her free time learning anything that piques her curiosity, eating, drinking, traveling, and socializing with like-minded industry friends. Her husband Kinson Lau is also an F&B veteran who is an excellent home cook & together with their young son Lucas they hope to pass down their passion for experiencing and appreciating all cultures.