La Boutanche Riesling 2020 by Andi Knauss 1L

La Boutanche Riesling 2020 by Andi Knauss 1L

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Style:  Off Dry White 

Vintage: 2020

ABV: 12.5% 

Region:  Strümpfelbach

Country:  Germany 

Varietals:  Riesling 

Give this to the people who think they don’t like Riesling and see their faces change. Key lime, starfruit, shell-flecked stone, and beautifully balanced acidity make for a crowd-pleasing white you (and they) will reach for again and again. 

Made by Andi Knauss, a 4th-generation winemaker in Strümpfelbach, southwest Germany. La Boutanche is a collaboration series between Selection Massale and various winemakers to create a spectrum of affordable natural wines.

Pairs well chilled in an ice bucket with friends sharing a crisp bowl of crudite and aioli, Pad-Thai , or a grilled pork chop fresh off the grill.  Don't forget to let that protein rest before you dig in!