Cardedu Bucce "Orange" Vermentino Sardegna, Italy 2020

Cardedu Bucce "Orange" Vermentino Sardegna, Italy 2020

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Style:  Orange Wine 

Vintage: 2020

ABV: 12.5 % 

Region:  Sardegna 

Country:  Italy 

Varietals:  Vermentino, Cannonau, Nasco 

WHY BE CURIOUS​:​ Sergio Loi is a 4th generation traditional Sardinian producer, whose family winery from the early 1900s has always practiced no chemical farming and minimum intervention in the cellar. The Cardedu [car-DAY-do] vineyards are located on the island’s sparsely populated Southeast, on crumbling granite soils near the coast, and schist in the ragged-dry hills and cliffs around Jerzu.

Bucce​ means skins, as in macerated on the skins macerato sulle bucce​. This macerato​ orange wine is very drinky: sour Mirabelle plums, sea salt, and dried white flowers float on bass notes of coastal wild rosemary and myrtle, i.e. ​macchia mediterranea. Cozze​ anyone?

Annual Production: 500 cases