Clos Mogador 'Com Tu' Montsant, Spain 2017

Clos Mogador 'Com Tu' Montsant, Spain 2017

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Style:  Red

Vintage:  2017

ABV:  12 %

Region:  Montsant 

Country:  Spain

Varietal:  Grenache 

In the early part of this century, my son René and I first started experiment- ing with winemaking in the village of La Figuera, the highest area of the D.O. Montsant, around 600 m. above sea level. From the very beginning we real- ized its extraordinary potential.

That year I discovered the centennial vineyard that belonged to Mr. Joan Anguera, today Espectacle wine vineyard, which in its first vintage, 2004, it obtained very good reviews.

My son René and I kept thinking of a way to promote that area so good for Grenache, but from a collaborative point of view. Our relationship with the cooperative and its five members had always been very good, and we found the way to work together in this project; the winemakers committed to sell- ing us a good selection of Grenache grapes. Those were the beginnings of our wine Com Tu.

As for the name Com Tu, I must refer to my youngest son Anderson Barbier Meyer, an artist from top to bottom, who together with my wife, who is also his mother- a designer, painter, ex-ballerina- they came up with this label that describes a philosophy that only he can explain.

In 2014 we produced the first wine, with my son René, only a few bottles that were not for sale, we kept them to age. The first vintage that can be found in the market is 2015, some 3,000 bottles. And for this vintage 2017, we produced some 8,000 bottles.

Feeling confident enough about the project, in 2017 we started to buy some vineyards in La Figuera, as well as more land to plant in the future.

Based on our nearly 20 years’ experience in working to improve our tasks, my family and I can assure you that the Grenache grapes from La Figuera produce wines with a unique color range, tender and fluid; with a fresh aroma, of flowers, orange peel, incense, as well as wide range of white fruit, citrus, very fresh. Its high alcohol content together with its extraordinary acidity, helps the wine to age perfectly.

On the palate it is soft, with harmony but the taste development goes in cre- scendo, and it leaves us with an exceptional aftertaste. This wine amazes us and fills us with vitality. It is only natural that my son sees the music and the poetry through it.

René Barbier Ferrer