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Fragas do Lecer 'Fraga de Corvo White' Monterrei, Spain 2020

Fragas do Lecer 'Fraga de Corvo White' Monterrei, Spain 2020

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Style:  White

Vintage:  2020

ABV:  12 %

Region:  Monterrei 

Country:  Spain

Varietal:  Godello 

Pairing Ideas: On the nose, it reveals floral aromas, intense fruit notes of apple and pear, citrus, and aromatic herbs. On the palate, it shows a creamy texture, with well-balanced and pleasant acidity of fresh fruit, mineral, and luscious with a well-rounded finish.  The wine pairs grat with white water fish (trout, salmon, eels), pasta, eggs, chicken, turkey, and a diverse range of cheeses.

About: Fraga do Corvo is the name was given locally to the landscape, an area of Monterrei nearby one of the vineyards. In September, Corvos (crows) sit on the electric power lines near the vineyards and perform a “natural” grape selection. The crows help by eating some of the fruit creating lower yields and thus providing a very important and helpful task for the winery.  The winery decided to name the wine Fraga do Corvo as a tribute to the crows for their grape selection, as well as the name for the landscape nearby. 

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