Subject To Change 'Disco!' Skin-Contact Sauvignon Blanc, California 2021

Subject To Change 'Disco!' Skin-Contact Sauvignon Blanc, California 2021

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Style: Orange Wine (aka Skin Contact)

Vintage: 2021

ABV: 11,4%

Vineyard: Hillside Vineyard

Region: Mendocino, California 

Country:  USA

Varietals:  Sauvignon Blanc

Pairing Ideas: Fish tacos all day long is a win! If you are a vegan try this with a pan seared Tofu finished with scallions and ponzu drizzle for a perfect pairing ~ it'll be a dope pairing.

Vineyard: Planted in the 1970s, organically-farmed Hillside Vineyard in Talmage sits right above the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas. CCOF certified, the vines are head-trained and planted on loam. Managed and farmed by Humberto Nunez, Hillside has become a cornerstone for Subject to Change.

About: We blended two picks of SB to make Disco!. Each pick was divided into two; carbonic maceration and a reverse saignée. The carbonic was uncrushed whole clusters that went into a sealed up tank for 2 weeks - then pressed and aged in neutral barrels. The reverse saignée is where half of the total fruit was added to a fermenter as uncrushed whole clusters. The other half is direct-pressed juice that is pressed into those clusters where it’s pumped over daily. This allows the juice to be in contact with the skins until dryness (three weeks) thereby reducing both the amount of skins proportionate to the juice and, as a result, tannic extraction. Half of this wine was aged intank for seven months, the other half was aged in barrel. They were racked together into a bottling tank.  As always, bottled unfined, unfiltered with no addition of SO2.

Production: 1,316 cases produced for 2021 vintage.