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Luli 'Umberta' Barbera Piedmont, Italy 2021

Luli 'Umberta' Barbera Piedmont, Italy 2021

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Style: Red 

Vintage: 2021

ABV: 12% 

Region:  Piedmont

Country:  Italy

Varietals: Barbera 

Pairing Ideas: The wine is fresh, fruity, clean and easy to drink. We firmly believe that the entry level wine of any producer should above all be approachable and eminently drinkable. Pasta with a hearty red sauce and homemade veal meatballs is a natural fit for this food friendly wine.  


Umberta is first of all a friend after whom we have named this wine. As we consider this variety to be a feminine grape, this seemed appropriate! Fabrizio Luli was born here and have always lived here. He likes to make my wines in the Piedmontese tradition (using cement and oak). Based on the characteristic white earth and the minerality of the soils he aims to make subtle wines. He likes wines that are interesting, easy to drink, and hopefully elegant, fresh, crisp and vibrant. Fabrizio is in the process of extending his range with new wines made from abandoned old Piedmontese varieties like Slarina and Baratuciat.


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