Eric Bordelet 'Argelette' Sydre Sparkling Apple Cider, France 2019 750ml

Eric Bordelet 'Argelette' Sydre Sparkling Apple Cider, France 2019 750ml

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Vintage:  2019

Size: 750 ml 

ABV: 6% 

Region:  Normandy 

Country:  France 

Farming: Biodynamic

Apple Varietals: Around 30 varieties of apples (bitter, sweet, and acidic) with rustic names which change according to the village or valley where they grow.

"I wanted to apply what I'd learned about enology to cider making" - Eric Bordelet 

Pairing Ideas: This ageable vintage Sydre 'Argelette' is named after the stony schist found locally, is a complex blend, and is made from the maximum amount of varieties, from the oldest trees that particular year has to offer. A vinous sydre that keeps well thanks to its balance between matter, acidity, roundness, and minerality. The profile is sweet, fruity, and slightly acidic aromas of wine autumn apples.  Lightly alcoholic.  Perfect with savory dishes, it's super versatile with classic dinner dishes like meat roasts, with winter vegetables and fresh warm baked sourdough.  I like this option when I want something complex but with lower alcohol.  I also appreciate its mild sweetness, yet that acidity and layered flavors to back it up! 

The Producer:  Eric Bordelet is a legend in the wine world.  The mentorship to back up his talent. In 1992, Eric Bordelet, a sommelier who trained in some of Paris’ top restaurants, returned to southern Normandy to take over his family’s estate and orchards. With the encouragement of his close friend, the iconic vigneron Didier Dageneau of Pouilly-sur-Loire, he began producing artisanal ciders from apples and pears—ciders without equal that draw more relative comparisons to fine, vintage wine than to beer. Over the years, he has revolutionized the cider industry by bringing it into restaurants, high-end wine shops, and export markets worldwide. He uses the old French spelling for cider, “Sydre” and “Sidre,” to name his bottlings.