François De Nicolay 'Objectif Bulles' Petillant Naturel Burgundy, France NV

François De Nicolay 'Objectif Bulles' Petillant Naturel Burgundy, France NV

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Style:  Sparkling Pet Nat 

Vintage: NV

ABV: 12% 

Region:  Burgundy 

Country:  France 

Varietals:  Chardonnay 

Pairing Ideas: A perfect aperitif during the holidays with generous baked bread notes from the lees contact, and lively orchard fruit of apple and pear with that light 'pet-nat' fizz to anticipate with every sip.  A recent home run was a coho salmon caviar dollop on a classic kettle chip for a small gathering.  Try it, it works.  Cheers! 

Profile: Domaine Chandon de Briailles has been in the family since 1834. Initially, there were only the Savigny-lès-Beaune and Pernand-Verglesses vineyards. Coming from two mono-varietals (Pinot Noir and Chardonnay) our wines strongly express the authenticity of their terroir. Our Grands Crus are cultivated in the traditional method with the use of our own plow horses. In 2005 we completely converted to biodynamic farming. We applied for certification with EcoCert and Demeter, which we received in 2011. The longer we continue farming in this way, we can see the difference in the vines. They grow differently; they seem more alive and healthy, and at harvest, they are better balanced between acidity and aromas.

After inspecting the grapes during veraison and harvest, we make a selection that can support elevage without added sulfur or yeasts- wines from pure grape must. The grapes ferment and mature in our Savigny Les Beaune cellar (a very old cave), without pump-over, filtration, or sulfur, and are bottled by hand via the “chevre a deux becs” method. In this way, we are able to preserve the wine’s freshness and allow the terroir to express itself clearly.