Il Mostro Ragana Terre Di Chieti Bianco Frizzante 2020

Il Mostro Ragana Terre Di Chieti Bianco Frizzante 2020

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Style:  Sparkling Pet Nat 

Vintage: 2020

ABV: 12% 

Region:  Abruzzo  

Country:  Italy 

Varietals:  Pecorino & Riesling

We find ourselves in Chieti in the greater area of Abruzzo, Italy.  The blend Pecorino & Riesling made by winemaker Riccardo Campinoti.  A deliciously tasty combination of ripe pear, subtle pineapple juice, and a hint white peach. The bubbles provide a delightful tickle.  Certified organic farming; ancestral method with bottle fermentation; undisgorged, minimal SO2 at bottling only; 12.5% ABV. 

Poggio Anima call their series of pet'nats 'll Mostro' “The Monster” after the bedtime tales European parents use to make their kids shut up and go to sleep.  Ragana is a witch in Latvian and Lithuanian mythology, a powerful prophetess who reveals the future. According to Lithuanian folklore, witches fly off to hilltops to rendezvous with Ragana on her holy night, the Winter Solstice.  Poggio Anima translates to ‘Hill of Soul', because Riccardo explains the goal of the project is "to capture the ‘soul’ of each vineyard and grape. No manipulation, no water, sugar, etc. Just the pure expression of the fruit and site."

The grapes for Ragana hail from certified organically farmed hillside plantings in Abruzzo.  But all you really need to know is that this pretty pet'nat is that it's super delicious; all bouncy, fragrant joyful juice with bright lime zest, refreshing minerality, and cloudy, fuzzy texture that makes the perfect fizzy pick-me-up on a sunny day. 

Pair with anything....especially chips and all fried foods!