Metaireau 'Black Label' Muscadet Loire Valley, France 2019

Metaireau 'Black Label' Muscadet Loire Valley, France 2019

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Style:  White 

Vintage: 2019

ABV: 12.5% 

Region:  Loire  

Country:  France 

Varietals:  Melon de Bourgogne 

Pairing Ideas: Fresh oysters or fried oysters. Seafood dishes or shrimp cocktail. Simple pasta with clams would be delightful.   Steamed mussels, yes please.  You get the idea.  The more seafood inspired the better! 

Producer Notes: Sharing and conviviality are the ultimate goal of their work all year long. The domain is located in the heart of the appellation and at the heart of their preoccupations, with the perfect balance between ancestral traditions and cutting-edge innovation. Convinced that very good wine should not be reserved for connoisseurs, they want their Muscadet to be enjoyed everywhere, by everyone. This is why Louis Metaireau Grand Mouton Cuvées can be found throughout the world and at all manner of occasions: in a Michelin starred restaurant in Tokyo or California, a Parisian brasserie, a lounge bar in New York, or at a family picnic ...

The Louis Metaireau Grand Mouton Domain is located between the Sèvre and Maine rivers, at the heart of the Muscadet Appellation, in the commune of Saint Fiacre sur Maine. The old vines, some of which were planted in 1937, are deeply rooted in an exceptional terroir composed of gneiss, granite, and amphibolite, which give the wine its mineral overtones and freshness. To preserve their older vines for many years to come, they harvest them by hand. They also choose to apply sustainable agricultural techniques or "lutte raisonné", which involves minimizing the use of chemicals wherever possible; this method respects the environment and requires precise and constant monitoring of our vines.