Old Westminster 'Come Together" Red Piquette, Maryland 2020

Old Westminster 'Come Together" Red Piquette, Maryland 2020

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 Style:  Red Piquette

Vintage:  2020

ABV:  8 %

Region:  Maryland

Country:  USA

Varietal: Blaufankish & Chambourcin  

Notes:  Old Westminster 'Come Together' 2020 Red Piquette is dense ruby red in color with aromas of bramble and dark plums. Flavors of under ripe raspberry and tart berry jam. A chillable red with low alcohol and tannin to pair with summer foods! Piquette is a vinous beverage produced by hydrating pressed grapes with water for a second fermentation.  

Pairs beautifully with soy marinated game and simple fall vegetables. 

About the Family:  The Baker family, established in 1985, didn’t always know they would spend their lives making wine together.  Jay & Virginia, founders of the family, dreamed of working with their children and preserving their farm. In 2008, all three of their children – Drew, Lisa and Ashli – were away at college, and they found themselves empty nesters. It was time to either put their land to work, or move on.

Upon discovering that grapevines have an affinity for rocky soil, elevation, abundant sunshine and a steady year-round breeze – all characteristics of their land – the family explored the idea!