Pax Syrah Sonoma Coast, California 2020

Pax Syrah Sonoma Coast, California 2020

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Style: Red Wine 

Vintage: 2021

ABV: 12.5 % 

Region: Sonoma Coast

Country:  California

Varietals: Syrah 

Pairing Ideas: You cannot fail pairing darker meats and exotic spices to bring out the fruit notes of Syrah. Try it with lamb shawarma, gyros, Asian five-spice pork, and Indian tandoori.  

Profile: A rich, powerful, and sometimes meaty red wine that originated in the Rhône Valley of France. This example is of course from California which showcases that juicy fruit expression in that shower-style Syrah vibes. 

About: At Pax Wines, winemaking is approached holistically. This is done by taking care to use only grapes that are grown without the use of chemicals and by hand making their wines with as little intervention as possible. As a result, all of their wines are crushed by foot and hand and fermented using only natural yeasts.