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Puro Malbec Cotes du Lot, Sud-Ouest France 2020

Puro Malbec Cotes du Lot, Sud-Ouest France 2020

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Style: Red 

Vintage: 2020

ABV: 13.5%

Region: Cots du Lot IGP

Country:  France

Varietals: Malbec 

Pairing Ideas: Malbec is such a delight it's the Ford-Lau lineup.  It hits that zone where it's super delicious and affordable for great wine.  This is in the more classical vein vs. the natty vein. Patio pounder on its own with a rounder profile yet light on the palate with dark purple fruit. Try it with bbq or some jerky for a quick pairing idea. It can go with nearly everything protein-wise, from red meat to savory tofu.  We suggest you drink this bottle slightly chilled. 

About: The wine comes to you from the ancestral home of Malbec, in the southwest corner of France. Grown on sun-splashed stony hillside and hilltop plots at the domain founded in 1733, this 100% young vine, un-oaked Malbec was made by Fabrice Durou, an esteemed local winemaker.


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