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Renardat Fache 'Bugey Cerdon' Savoie, France 2020

Renardat Fache 'Bugey Cerdon' Savoie, France 2020

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Style: Sparkling Semi-Sweet Red

Vintage: 2020

ABV: 8% 



Country:  France

Varietals:  Gamay & Poulsard

Pairings: Pairs great with aged cheddar cheese and aged salami. If you want to be the hero at a holiday party bring this wine. Everyone loves it from novice drinkers to seasoned beverage professionals alike. 

Cerdon is a terroir of Bugey in the 

Savoie region of France.  It's a rose sparkling wine with low alcohol content of 8% abv. It is produced from Gamay and Poulsard, following the traditional techniques of the "Méthode Ancestrale"

Methode Ancestrale 

is a fermentation technique that makes it possible to obtain a sparkling wine without the adjunction of any yeast nor sugar. The fermentation process is natural, and uses only the yeasts and sugars contained in the grapes.

A first phase happens in thermo-regulated tanks, where the fermentation process starts. After a light filtration, the wine is bottled, and fermentation process continues, producing the bubbles and the fine foam.   


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