The Enthusiast Six Pack $180 ~ SECRET BURGER


The ENTHUSIAST - 6 bottles $180

KellySOMM in North Las Vegas

JAN 1st - Dec 31st, 2022


Sommelier Kelly Ford Lau


KellySOMM is not your average e-commerce wine purveyor. Kelly decided to build a micro-business that could make a difference in helping keep the Nevada wine scene as diverse and fun as possible. In building a thriving, nimble, and flexible online retail site that services not only NV, but several other states as well, KellySOMM ensures Nevadans will continue to have access to a fun and diverse selection of wines with something for all of us to enjoy!



The ENTHUSIAST is a hand picked selection of six (6) low-intervention, small production wines shipped directly to your door. Learn about new styles both classic leaning wines and natural wines!



This event will stay online through the rest of the year! You can reserve NOW OR ANYTIME through December 2022 and Kelly will ship your wine package direct to your door.

PRO TIP: Send an email to INFO@KELLYSOMM.COM when you reserve your package by emailing INFO@KELLYSOMM.COM and tell us your wine preferences!

Do you want ALL dry rose wine? Lover of orange wines? Something else? Tell us what you like and we can pack to your preferences! Want to try something new? We can pick a sommelier-selected mixed six-pack of super fun low-intervention wines for you!



CHECK YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER. In case we need to contact you, this information helps us communicate with you faster and more efficiently.

** Please allow 7-10 business days for your wine to reach your doorstep. An adult (21+) must be present to sign for delivery. No exceptions. **