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Christian Tschida 'Felsen I' Burgenland, Austria 2015

Christian Tschida 'Felsen I' Burgenland, Austria 2015

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Style: Red Wine 

Vintage: 2015

ABV: 11%

Region: Burgenland 

Country: Austria 

Age of Vines: 40 years

Varietals: Blaufrankisch 

Pairings: Pulled pork sandwiches, and classic potato or macaroni salad with pickled summer vegetables sounds like a winner pairing!  

 Vinification Method: Grapes are hand harvested, destemmed, and crushed by foot. The juice ferments in large barrels with indigenous yeast and no racking. It spends 2 years aging in 500 to 1500-liter barrels and is bottled without fining or filtering and no addition of sulfur.

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