Christian Tschida 'Laissez Faire' Burgenland, Austria 2015

Christian Tschida 'Laissez Faire' Burgenland, Austria 2015

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Style: White Wine 

Vintage: 2015

ABV: 12% 

Region:  Burgenland (Neusiedler See)

Country:  Austria 

Age of Vines: 40 years  

Varietals:  Riesling 

Pairing Ideas: Almost all Thai food goes great with dry rieslings! Don't over think it order some take out or cook in and pop that bottle for some real pairing bliss. 

Vinification Method: Grapes are hand harvested, destemmed, and crushed by foot. The juice ferments in large barrels with indigenous yeast and no racking. It spends 2 years aging in large Stockinger barrels and is bottled without fining or filtering and no addition of sulfur.