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Cantina Giardino 'TU' Rosato Campania, Italy 2020

Cantina Giardino 'TU' Rosato Campania, Italy 2020

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Style:  Rose Wine 

Vintage: 2020

ABV: 11% 

Region:  Campania

Country:  Italy 

Varietals: Aglianico, Primitivo, Piedrosso & Coda di Volpe 

Pairing Ideas: These wines are alive and are zero-zero which means no sulfur added.  Can you shout Taco Tuesday, Cheese Plate & Pasta. Pink in color with fresh notes of cranberry, melon, strawberry, and citrus.  Light in body with a refreshing acidity that goes down smoothly.  An easy afternoon drink! 

Producer Profile: The Giardino project was originally funded by the Esso gas station owned and operated by Antonio di Grutolla's brother. It's still an excellent place to get gas if you're in the area.  

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