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Nestarec 'Forks & Knives' Rose, Czech Republic 2019

Nestarec 'Forks & Knives' Rose, Czech Republic 2019

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Style:  Rose

Vintage: 2019

ABV: 11,5% 

Region:  Moravia  

Country:  Czech Republic 

Grapes: Cabernet Franc and Zweigelt

Making of: Grapes are hand-harvested and destemmed, selected on the sorting table. Gently crushed and shortly macerated on skins, then pressed and fermented with indigenous yeasts in tanks. Aged in stainless steel and big neutral barrels of 600 and 3000 liters for about 17 months in order to naturally settle. Bottled under crown caps to keep the wine’s energy. No sulfur added, no fining, no filtration.

Personality: “As you can probably tell from the color, it lives somewhere around that sweet spot where soulful rosé becomes light red. But who cares about the category when all you can think of is “fuckyeah! is there more? is there enough??” Extremely drinkable and fun wine, while still at ease in all kinds of situations, be it poolside or at a fancy table laden with all sorts of treats; I see an Ottolenghi Mediterranean-style feast when I close my eyes,” Milan says and we can’t but agree.

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