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Von Winning Sauvignon Blanc 'II" Pfalz, Germany 2022

Von Winning Sauvignon Blanc 'II" Pfalz, Germany 2022

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Style: Dry White 

Vintage: 2020

ABV: 12.5% 

Region: Pfalz

Country:  Germany

Varietals:  Sauvignon Blanc

Profile: The Von Winning Sauvignon Blanc II 2020 unmistakable aroma of juicy gooseberries, limes, and fine herbs. A pronounced acidity and fullness. This wine begs you to drink more! 

About: The fact that this estate is crafting some of the very best dry wines in Germany is no fluke, but rather a result of the nearly obsessive winemaker.  Attman describes his winemaking as “not doing the wrong thing at the wrong time.” The estate’s premium wines are treated with a minimalist approach and with the highest respect in the cellar. Gentle clarification, natural and spontaneous fermentation, and the abandonment of fining agents create wines with a distinctive indigenous and very elegant style. Pumping the juice or wine is never necessary for the gravity flow winery.  

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