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Las Jaras 'Sweet Berry Wine' Mendocino County 2018

Las Jaras 'Sweet Berry Wine' Mendocino County 2018

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 Style: Red Wine 

Vintage: 2018 

ABV: 13%

Region: Mendocino County, California 

Country: USA 

Varietals: 52% Carignan, 25% Zinfandel, 12% Charbono & 11% Petite Syrah

Pairings: Eric Wareheim is obsessed with circle food.  Think Pizza & Burgers, etc. Nothing would bring the co-owner of Las Jaras more joy than to know his wine which I also love was paired with a circle food group! 

This hand harvested, old vine, non-filtre low intervention wine checks the box for that juicy sold new world wine that still maintains its acidity.  Try it! It's a great cross over wine for new world wine drinkers.  

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