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Leitz "Eins Zwei Zero" Riesling Rüdesheim, Germany NV (Non-Alc)

Leitz "Eins Zwei Zero" Riesling Rüdesheim, Germany NV (Non-Alc)

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Vintage: NV

ABV: 0.5% 

Region: Rüdesheim

Country: Germany 

Varietals: Riesling

About: The family is serious about what they do, making wines with care and craftsmanship – it’s not an estate run by amateurs. This wine is gently dealcoholized yet remains true to the category in a contemporary, but not “modern”; it has soul and character. 

Pairing Ideas: The Leitz EINS-ZWEI-ZERO Riesling offers an appealing character that is clean and fresh with notes of lime and citrus, accompanied by little hints of red apples on an underlying mineral base. The finish is slightly off-dry and relatively long. As we all know, like fat, alcohol is a transporter of flavor; without it, there needs to be something else to carry those flavors. Residual sugar does the work fo this stunning.  Riesling, though the sugar is nearly eaten up by acidity. It retains its wine-like aromas: orange citrus, slightly rhubarb, and tarragon. 

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