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Leitz "ZP5" Pinot Noir Baden, Germany NV (Non-Alc)

Leitz "ZP5" Pinot Noir Baden, Germany NV (Non-Alc)

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Vintage: NV

ABV: 0.5% 

Region: Baden

Country:  Germany 

Varietals:  Pinot Noir 

About:  The "ZP5" short for Zero-Point-Five" produced by Leitz estate is a family-run enterprise, operating with wisdom, sentiment, and competence. The family is serious about what they do, making wines with care and craftsmanship – it’s not an estate run by amateurs. This wine is gently dealcoholized yet remains true to the category in a contemporary, but not “modern”; it has soul and character. 

Pairing Ideas: this classic yet gently dealcoholized Pinot is asking to be paired with roasted chicken, duck, earthy mushrooms, and a vast range of aged cheeses! Pure fruit on the nose with flavors of sour cherry, blackberries, cassis, and plum on the palate. 

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