Raul Perez 'St. Jacques' Bierzo, Spain 2021

Raul Perez 'St. Jacques' Bierzo, Spain 2021

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Style: Red
Vintage:  2021

ABV:  12 %

Region:  Bierzo

Country:  Spain

Varietal:  Mencia

Pairings:  Vegetarian Dishes,  Poultry,  Salmon,  served with root vegetables or seasonal vegetables options.   Very versatile wine, Mencia drinks slightly heavier than a Pinot Noir.  It may be your new go to varietal! 

"I've always watched the birds carefully, they know which grapes are tastier' - Raul Perez 

The Latin word “Ultreia” was used to greet the pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago, a word that means “forward“, and, in this way, Raúl Pérez named one of his most well-known and appreciated wine collections. Ultreia focuses on the Bierzo.

Mencia is the focal grape for this wine, which focuses on showcasing the main grape of Bierzo. On the nose, notes of violet and fresh aromas of noticeable mineralization arise. There are specific reminders of cappuccino & bramble: it has a very interesting nose with a long development of nuances. In the mouth, the terrain is perfectly represented with a specific calcareous taste and an excellent integrated acidity. It is an exuberant wine, with a lot of volume, round and appetizing.

The primary source of the fruit for Raul Perez's Ultreia St. Jacques' 2021 the vineyard of Villegas, most appreciated by Raúl Pérez. It is located in Valtuille de Abajo, the cradle of the winery in El Bierzo. It has a nascent orientation to the south and peculiar soils for the area. If El Bierzo has an abundance of clay soils, we find sandy soil in Villegas. The vineyard is around 600 meters high and dates back 130 years. The largest profusion of grapes is of the mencía variety, although we also find vineyards of Garnacha tintorera and Bastardo.

Pairs beautifully with red meats in almost any preparation and mushroom dishes, especially mushroom paella. 


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