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Subject To Change 'Lune Pop' California 2019

Subject To Change 'Lune Pop' California 2019

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Style: Red Wine

Vintage: 2019

ABV: 11,6%

Vineyard: Hillside Vineyard

Region: Mendocino, California 

Country:  USA

Varietals:  Zinfandel 

Pairing Ideas: Anything BBQ & Zinfandel all day long is a win! BBQ Chicken, BBQ Pork, BBQ Tofu ~ wet or dry it'll be a dope pairing.

Vineyard: Planted in the 1960s, organically-farmed Hillside Vineyard in Talmage sits right above the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas. CCFO certified, the vines are head-trained and planted on loam. Managed and farmed by Humberto Nunez, Hillside has become a cornerstone for Subject to Change.  

About: The base wine is our tried and true Lune Juice Zinfandel - a combination of carbonic maceration, reverse saignée method, crushed whole clusters dry cap and destemmed dry cap. We were supposed to keg this wine right before the pandemic and elected not to due to the unknown fate of the restaurant business. We added some unfermented 2020 grape must and bottled the wine under crown caps to make a frizzante Lune Juice - hence the name "Lune Pop." Alas the second fermentation didn't take off as expected, the result is a happy accident - a juicy red that is killer with a chill on it and even more impressive with your favorite slice of pizza.  

Production: 218 cases 

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