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Agnes en Rene Mosse Chenin Blanc 'Bonnes Blanches' Loire, France 2017

Agnes en Rene Mosse Chenin Blanc 'Bonnes Blanches' Loire, France 2017

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Style: White 

Vintage: 2017

ABV: 11% 

Region:  Loire 

Country:  France 

Varietals:  Chenin Blanc 

Pairing Ideas:  This dry chenin sees time in neutral barrel showing deliberate oxidative notes, and can age beautifully or drink now.  Enjoy with savory egg dishes designed for any time of day such as smoked salmon with capers & creme fraiche, eggs on toast.  Quiche Lorraine would be smashing.  Pork belly inspired dishes. 

The Producer:  Mosse is the boss!  Agnès and René Mosse, along with their sons Joseph and Sylvestre, live and work in the village of Anjou. Before becoming vignerons, the Mosse had owned a wine-bar/retail shop hybrid in Tours. They credit the great winemakers they met there, among them Jo Pithon and François Chidaine, as the impetus to become winemakers. The couple studied viticulture and oenology at the agricultural lycée in Amboise where two of their teachers were Thierry Puzelat (Clos du Tue-Boeuf) and Christian Chaussard (Domaine le Briseau).

About The WIne: This wine is produced within the Anjou appellation but is intentionally declassified as a VDF. Les Bonnes Blanches is a sector of vines widely considered to be the top terrior in the area. It’s location is geologically ideal to the and it’s one of the rare vineyards that can produce an excellent Coteaux-du-Layon every year. The Mosse intentionally harvest earlier to produce dry whites. The soils are composed of shallow decomposing schist and quartz on rock, so the roots of the vineyards' 40 year old vines can get exceptionally deep, providing an unparalleled amount of minerality in the wine.

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