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Domini del Leone Prosecco Frizzante Col Fondo Veneto, Italy NV

Domini del Leone Prosecco Frizzante Col Fondo Veneto, Italy NV

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Style:  Sparkling 

Vintage: NV

ABV: 11% 

Region:  Veneto  

Country:  Italy 

Varietals:  Glera 

Notes: Prosecco Col Fondo, literally “with the bottom” is characterized by the deposit of the yeasts on the bottom. It is made according to the traditional method, which was used since ancient times, of second fermentation in the bottle and no disgorgement. The result is a dry, fruity, cloudy, and refreshing wine, with more present notes of yeast and bread compared to the Charmat-method produced Proseccos, courtesy of the longer contact with lees.

Food Ideas:  The prolonged contact with the lees gives this wine sapidity and a well-balanced flavor, with fruity and flowery notes mixed with fresh bread crust aromas. You can serve this wine both limpid after the yeast deposit has sedimented (“limpio”) or carefully decanted into a carafe, or you can shake the bottle to mix the lees into the wine if you enjoy a more cloudy style (“torbido”). Pleasant as an aperitif, it can be served as well throughout the meal, paired with light dishes like fried calamari and shrimp, but also as a contrast with rich mountain cheeses.

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