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Mas Martinet "Pesseroles Brisat" Blanco Priorat, Spain 2018

Mas Martinet "Pesseroles Brisat" Blanco Priorat, Spain 2018

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Style: Orange Wine

Vintage: 2018

ABV: 13% 

Region:  Priorat 

Country:  Spain 

Varietals: 43% Picapoll blanc, 29% Pedro Ximenes, 28% Garnatxa Blanca

Soil: Llicorella

Pairing: A wine that is characterized above all by its enormous versatility. It combines very well meat boards and foods with floral touches, with aromatic herbs, make no mistake this is a food wine.  I'd lean into poultry or fish with simple herb & butter prep to let the wine do the talking. 

About: We planted grapes of three varietals together. We crushed them by hand, with our feet, without separating stems, for the first time. It fermented slowly with its native yeasts in three ceramic jars, with no initial sulfur, in the wine room at ambient temperature. Without much slapping of the hat, we pressed at 30 days, with a structured wine, waiting on how our first Brisat with stems would evolve. It grew up in glass demijohns for 27 months. Bottled unclarified.

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