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Oenogenesis 'Mataroa' Sauvignon Blanc Drama, Greece 2020

Oenogenesis 'Mataroa' Sauvignon Blanc Drama, Greece 2020

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Style:  White 

Vintage:  2020

ABV:  13%

Region:  Drama (Macedonia)

Country: Greece

Varietals:  Sauvignon Blanc 

Pairing Ideas:  Sauvignon Blanc is great with lighter fair such as white fish or simply prepared poultry dishes.  This organic, natural yeast whole cluster & skin contact fermentation white is meant to be drunk now style.  I'd suggest grabbing two bottles.  This is a funkier 'natty' expression of the varietal Sauvignon Blanc. 


We absolutely freaked out when we tasted this wine. In a good way. None of us had tried this orange/skin-contact Sauvignon Blanc before, and this rocked our collective socks. With an intense amber color and nutty/cooked fruit flavor profile, this natural beauty left us all reaching for another pour. Funky at its finest.

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